Best Overnight Hikes in the Drakensberg!

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Our Overnight Drakensberg Hikes

We have carefully looked at the endless number of fantastic hikes that we could take you on in the Drakensberg.  Here is our list of our favorite overnight hikes in the Drakensberg.

The Overnight Drakensberg hikes are mostly over weekends.

Overnight hikes in the Drakensberg.
Tarn cave is a great overnight hike in the Southern Drakensberg mountains.

Perfect for a quick visit into nature and mountains. The 2 day hikes range from easy to intermediate so a bit of something for everyone. If you would prefer your own hike on your dates you will need to get your own group together. You can contact me here.

When you contact us, remember to let us know whether you would prefer to do a Bronze, Silver or Gold Package hike, and choose your Souvenir Bundle!

Overnight Drakensberg Hikes

Marble Baths, Injasuthi, Drakensberg
Marble Baths Hike (2 Days)

The Marble Baths Cave overnight hike is an ideal hike for beginners and families and is close to the best swimming pool in the Drakensberg.… Read More

Pillar cave 2 day hike
Pillar Cave Hike (2 Days)

The Pillar Cave Hike is one of the nicest and easiest Drakensberg hikes! It is a wonderful introduction to hiking in the Drakensberg.… Read More