Challenging Hikes in the Drakensberg!

Join Drakensberghiker for the best challenging hikes in the Drakensberg…

Our challenging Drakensberg hikes.

This is my list of favorite challenging hikes in the Drakensberg. They are great bucket list hikes and should be on your to do trek.

Challenging Drakensberg hikes.
Challenging Drakensberg hikes get you to some incredible places.

The hikes below are challenging Drakensberg hikes but remember you can always contact us and ask us to arrange any other Drakensberg Hike you would like to do! If it is not one of my scheduled hikes then you will need to get your own group together.

When you contact us, remember to let us know whether you would prefer to do a Bronze, Silver or Gold Package hike, and choose your Souvenir Bundle!


Challenging Drakensberg Hikes