Easy & Family Friendly Hikes in the Drakensberg!

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Easy family friendly Drakensberg hikes
Food is important especially for the youngsters on a hike in the Drakensberg.

Our Easy & Family Friendly Drakensberg Hikes

The hikes below are the best easy and family friendly hikes in the Drakensberg that we do, but remember you can always contact us and ask us to arrange any other Drakensberg hike you would like to do!

It is great to get the kids out in nature.

Most of these hikes are to caves in the Drakensberg. For example Pillar cave at Garden castle. You can watch a video I made of this hike here. If you want to do your own hike and not one of my scheduled hikes then you will need to get your own group together.

When you contact us, remember to let us know whether you would prefer to do a Bronze, Silver or Gold Package hike, and choose your Souvenir Bundle!

Our Easy & Family Friendly Drakensberg Hikes...

Pillar cave 2 day hike
Pillar Cave Hike (2 Days)

The Pillar Cave Hike is one of the nicest and easiest Drakensberg hikes! It is a wonderful introduction to hiking in the Drakensberg.… Read More