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Drakensberg flora.

We are very luck yo to have a large variety of Drakensberg flora. Because of the tough climate in the Drakensberg mountains a lot of the plants we see on our hikes are only found here.



Quite a lot of our hikes are above 2500m altitude which is above the tree line. This means we mostly see Erica’s, Heather’s and Helicrysum’s.


09 Mar, 2019

Drakensberg Protea Dracomontana – Dwarf Protea

By Ian Shooter|2019-08-09T18:41:15+02:00Mar 9th, 2019|Categories: Drakensberg Flora - flowers and trees., Drakensberg Mountains and Peaks|Tags: beautiful, drakensberg flowers, Fanua, indigenous, Protea|

Drakensberg Protea (Protea Dracomontana) The Drakensberg Protea Dracomontana is commonly found on the grassy slopes of the Drakensberg at altitudes between 1600m and 2500m. It only grows up to 1m tall, so you can see why it is commonly known as the dwarf protea. Protea Dracomontana flowers vary in color from creamy yellow, to pink and even light red.  Like all Proteas in the Drakensberg it relies on the winter fires to help it [...]

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