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Malachite Sunbird Drakensberg

Drakensberg fauna.

There is a surprisingly large amount of animals and birds found in the Drakensberg mountains. A lot of them are endemic to these wild and beautiful mountains.

Malachite Sunbird sitting on a Protea roupelliae (silver protea) in the Drakensberg

Home to nearly 300 recorded bird species, the Drakensberg is one of the best places in South Africa to visit for bird watching.

People come on a trip with Drakensberg Hiker just to see some of these special creatures. Some of the Drakensberg Fauna you are likely to see includes the rare Bearded vulture and Drakensberg Rockjumper.

Also found are specially adapted Klipspringer and the biggest antelope in Africa, the agile Eland.

31 Mar, 2019

Malachite Sunbirds in the Drakensberg

By Ian Shooter|2019-12-04T15:06:14+02:00Mar 31st, 2019|Categories: Drakensberg Fauna - animals and birds, Drakensberg Mountains and Peaks|Tags: beautiful, birds, Fanua, Protea|

Malachite Sunbirds in the Drakensberg Malachite sunbirds, or to use the Latin name:  Nectarinia Famosa are certainly absolutely stunning birds. As you can see from their Latin name, Malachite Sunbirds in the Drakensberg they will eat nectar by preference. However, what most people don't realise is that they also eat insects, spiders and small lizards. So, they will really eat anything small enough to fit into their beaks. In the Drakensberg they are quite [...]

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