What kind of food can we expect on a Drakensberg Hike? Overland 4x4 Food...

Drakensberg Hiking Food

Food on a hike is very important as it gives you energy to walk all day but should also taste nice and be a social event. I love cooking and actually have 6 different suppers that I supply and cook. Most days we start supper at 5.30pm.

#1 is Butter chicken with rice, mushrooms and onions.

#2 is Sausage and smash with sweet corn and gravy.

#3 is Chakalaka with rice and of course cheese is also good.

#4 is Pasta with cheese sauce and tuna

#5 is Pasta with salami or bacon and cheese sauce

#6 is Smash and gravy and thinly sliced biltong.

After supper we have a hot drink of either milo, coffee, rooibos or 5 roses tea and some chocolate slabs.

I try to have a variety of food but it is not easy when we don’t have fridges or shops along the way.

It is fairly easy to cater for vegetarians by just removing the meat and adding for example a tin of butternut soup. Unfortunately vegans should bring their own food but I will certainly cook it.

Breakfasts are an important meal and I have all the tea, coffee or rooibos tea you can drink to start the day. Every 2nd day we have stewed fruit to help with digestion and muesli and oats porridge.

It is usually a 4 hour walk between breakfast and lunch.

Some people get a bit peckish so should bring a few snacks to keep them going. Peanuts, raisins, biltong or dried fruit are popular. Lunches are mostly near a river but sometimes we are on top of a ridge enjoying the views while having lunch. For those lunches my porters always bring water for some refreshing juice or tea.

You can expect provitas or salty cracks with cheese, cold meat and boiled eggs. I also enjoy peanut butter and bovril on crackers. The first few days we also get to have apples.

On other days we cook up some 2 minute noodles with tuna. The vegetarians just serve themselves before we add the tuna. Of course Nandos hot sauce is lovely to add to the noodles.