Sani Pass to Thabana Ntlenyana (17-19 Oct 2020)

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Thabana Ntlenyana the highest peak in the Drakensberg.

Sani Pass To Thabana Ntlenyana Hike

We drive up Sani pass to start the hike to Thabana Ntlenyana, the highest peak in Lesotho

To complete the hike from Sani Pass to Thabana Ntlenyana the highest peak in the Drakensberg we must first do a 4×4 trip up Sani Pass.

We go through the Lesotho border so don’t forget your passports!  We are here to climb the highest peak in Southern Africa, Thabana Ntlenyana (3482m) is the highest peak in Lesotho its name means “pretty little mountain”.

After the lovely 4×4 drive up Sani Pass, we stay at the Sani Mountain Lodge back-packers. The highest pub in Africa is close by so we should definitely pop in for a visit. Click here to see how to prepare for your hike with us.

After a huge braai on the 1st night we leave Sani Pass to hike to Thabana Ntlenyana. It is Lesotho’s highest peak and well worth a visit.

Eco tourism

Red hot pokers are common in the Drakensberg in summer.

Due to the fact that it is quite high, we will have some hills to walk up.

We start off just below 3000m and end up at 3482m. Therefore, you can certainly expect some great views over the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. The first day of hiking is about 5 hours to where we camp below Thabana Ntlenyana. Read more about Lesotho here.

On day 3 which is the last day, we wake up early to summit the pretty little mountain. Then it is another 4 hours back to Sani Top for a well-deserved lunch. After an amazing time in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, we drive back down Sani Pass and then onto home. Now we can say we have summited Thabana Ntlenyana the highest peak in the whole Drakensberg.

Easy to Intermediate Drakensberg Hike

Sani Pass to Thabana Ntlenyana Lesotho’s highest peak, hike difficulty:  Intermediate

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