Amphitheatre to Mnweni Hike (9-13 Mar 2022)

Amphitheatre to Mnweni Hike (9-13 Mar 2022)

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Drakensberg Foothills in the Mnweni Area

Drakensberg Foothills in the Mnweni Area

Amphitheatre to Mnweni Hike (5 Days)

The Amphitheatre to Mnweni Hike over 5 days traverses the Northern Drakensberg. It starts at the Sentinel Peak and finishes at Mnweni.  This hike covers the area linking the Amphitheatre with the Mnweni Valley so just a slightly shorter version of the famous Northern traverse.

We start the hike at the Sentinel Peak car park and walk to the top of the Amphitheatre using the famous Chain Ladders.

At the top of the Amphitheatre, we camp near the 2nd highest waterfall in the world.

The mighty Tugela River starts near here, and the Tugela Falls plummet almost 1000m down the Amphitheatre cliff face, so you can imagine the views.

Click here to see how to prepare for your Amphitheatre to Mnweni Hike. For the next 3 days, we hike along the Drakensberg Escarpment edge to enjoy stunning views. The foothills way down in South Africa on our left and the mountain kingdom of Lesotho on our right.

Despite the length of this hike, it is relatively easy walking along the Escarpment.

Rockeries Pass is done over 2 days with our last camp below the huge Drakensberg cliffs.  The last day is an easy walk to Mnweni Cultural Center.

Amphitheatre to Mnweni

Drakensberg Hiker Porters

On Day 3 we arrive at an amazing place. Here we camp near a huge Cape Vulture Colony. Read more about Cape Vultures here and wake up to fantastic views over the beautiful Mnweni Valley.

This is where my porters live and they love to show their home off to visitors.

On Days 4 and 5 we do a leisurely stroll down Rockeries Pass to finish at Mnweni Cultural Center.

Rockeries Pass is only 4km long, but over these 2 days we will descend about 1150m  from 2950m to 1800m above sea level.

The mighty Orange/Senqu river is nearby waiting for a visit, and a dip if it is warm enough, or if you are able to brave the cold in winter.

Intermediate Drakensberg Hike

Despite the length of this hike, it is an Intermediate Hike and a good introduction to multi-day hiking.

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  • Amphitheatre to Mnweni Hike (9-13 Mar 2022) - 9 Mar 2022 - 13 Mar 2022
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