Overland 4×4 Tour of Lesotho (27-30 March 2020)

 Overland 4×4 Tour of Lesotho

Rural village in Lesotho with South Africa Overland 4x4 Tours

Rural village in Lesotho with South Africa Overland 4×4 Tours

We are doing an amazing 4 day overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho from the 27th to the 30th March 2020. During the day we check out an amazing landscape where hardy shepherds tend their sheep. The evenings are spent sitting next to a warm fire talking about the day. Join us in your 4×4 or ours!

Lesotho isn’t just another country, it is another world!  It boasts the country with the highest lowest point and has the highest diamond mine. It is also completely surrounded by South Africa. Read here for more information on our overland 4×4 tours of Lesotho.

On this trip through Lesotho we stay in cosy mountain lodges every night.

We will leave Pietermaritzburg at 9am on 27 Mar 2020, and drive up the famous Sani pass. We have to stop for a visit in the highest pub in Africa for lunch and a drink. Then it is further into Lesotho with a 4×4 drive over Black mountain. We get to 3250m above sea level so the views are amazing. Another hour of driving and we arrive at our overnight stop. Molumong lodge is a simple, but lovely, place to stay.

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We have a nice lamb potjie for dinner and enjoy a cosy fire place.

Day 2 is a drive to the Orange river for a picnic lunch. Even though it is the 5th biggest river in Africa it is still just a teenager here. After lunch, we drive on to Katse dam. The whole day is about a 5 hour drive and on the way we really see how really mountainous Lesotho is. It is like time stood still here. At Katse we stay at the lodge and do a tour of the dam wall.

Even non engineers find this interesting.

Nearby is a lovely Botanical garden worth a visit.

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After checking out the beautiful Katse dam we have a stunning 4×4 drive through Lesotho until we eventually have to leave this beautiful country. We arrive back in South Africa with an overnight visit to the incredible Golden Gate Highlands National Park after a late lunch in the lovely town of Clarens.

An overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho is an adventure not to be missed.

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