Hike to Mafadi Peak the Highest Peak in South Africa (21-24 June 2018)


Mafadi The Highest Peak In South Africa

This is a 4 day hike to Mafadi the highest peak in South Africa.  The hike starts from Injasuthi Camp in the central Drakensberg Mountains.

Because Mafadi is the highest peak in South Africa, this is a very popular hike, but it certainly doesn’t give itself up easily. Click here to see how to prepare for your hike with us.

Injasuthi is a beautiful and remote part of the Drakensberg. We start off camping at Injasuthi camp the night before the hike. When we wake up we are off to the mountains.

Day 1 is walking up a stunning valley with a quick visit to see some Bushman paintings. Then a lunch at the river while looking up at the huge Trojan Wall. After digesting our meal, we head up a grassy slope to camp near Centenary Hut. Day 2 we walk along the contour path to Judges Pass. This path is well used by the locals, it is an “easier” pass.

However, if people are up for a challenge we can climb up Corner Pass.

Either way we hope to be on top in time for lunch.

Once on top of the escarpment we camp near a clear stream or a bit further to sleep in the highest cave in the Drakensberg. The upper Injasuthi cave is at 3300m, and overlooks the Triplets.  In the morning we can watch the sun rise shine on Cathkin Peak. Mafadi is about a 1 hour walk from the stream. After being the highest people in South Africa for a while, we stroll along the edge of the Escarpment to lunch above Leslie’s Pass. The shorter option here is to go back down Judges Pass.

The last day is either back down the valley from Centenary Hut to our cars, or we could bolder hop past Marble Baths from our camp below Leslie’s ass. After this amazing hike we can boast that we hiked to Mafadi the highest peak in South Africa.

Challenging Drakensberg Hike

Hike to Mafadi Peak the Highest Peak in South Africa hike difficulty:  Challenging

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