Giants Castle Circuit 3 Day Hike (24-26 June 2022)

Giants Castle Circuit 3 Day Hike (24-26 June 2022)

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Giants Castle Circuit 3 Day Hike.

The Giants Castle Circuit Hike is a 3 day hike in the Giant’s Castle Nature Reserve. It is one of the oldest Nature reserves in KwaZulu-Natal and full of history. On this hike we will use Langalibalele Pass, which is named after a Zulu chief who fought the Natal Carbineers here so many years ago. Apparently the British wanted their guns that they had used back enough to pay the Zulus for work. Of course, Langalibalele said no, so after a fight in the Drakensberg the British sent him to Robben Island.

Bannerman hut 2 day hike

We stay in Bannerman hut at Giants castle on the 3 day hike with Drakensberghiker

Giant's Castle Circuit Hike, 3 Days

Giant’s Castle Circuit Hike, 3 Days

The first day of the Giants Castle Circuit Hike is a walk up the spur leading up to the cliffs above. While it is onwards and upwards we do finally get to a rather flat contour path. This is where we have lunch and a look at all the cliffs around us. After lunch and 4km along the contour path, we end up at Bannerman Hut. This is where we spend the night in style. It is one of the last huts left in this area and in fairly good condition for a simple mountain hut. After a lovely night in the Bannerman Hut we head up again.

Since we are in the mountains we have to walk up.

…that’s where all the views are. So we proceed up Bannerman Pass, We have lunch on top of a huge cliff called Bannerman Face, which was apparently named after a British politician. The views up here are stunning. We can look way down and see Bannerman Hut. Crazy to think we were just there. Then it is a stroll along the top of the escarpment to camp on top of  Langalibalele PassAs beautiful as it is up here, we eventually have to head back down. The last day takes about 5 hours down the pass to our cars at the Giants Castle Nature Reserve and the finish of the hike. Please click here to see how to prepare for your hike with me. 

Intermediate Drakensberg Hike Giants Castle 3 Day Hike difficulty:  Intermediate to Challenging

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