Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike (7-21 May 2022)

Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike (7-21 May 2022)

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The Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike

Sentinal to Cathedral peak Northern Drakensberg traverse hike

Our first view on the Drakensberg Northern Traverse

The Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike is a spectacular 15 day hike which traverses the entire Drakensberg.

We start in the Amphitheatre in the Northern Drakensberg and finish at Bushman’s Neck in the Southern Drakensberg.

During this amazing Drakensberg Hike, we cover about 230km of unbelievable mountain scenery while staying at an average of 3000m above sea level.

To complete the Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike we need to walk up 5 of the major Drakensberg Peaks

The first Peak is Mount-Aux-Sources at 3287m, near the top of the Amphitheatre.

Sani Pass to Thabana Ntlenyana Lesotho's highest peak

Posing next to the highest peak in Lesotho sign

Following this we hike up Cleft Peak, overlooking the Cathedral Peak range. The views from the top of Cleft Peak are lovely.

Afterwards, we head up Champagne castle, which at 3377m is the 3rd highest peak in South Africa.

From up here, we can size up our next peak, Mafadi Peak which is the highest peak in South Africa at 3450m.

The last, but highest peak, we climb is Thabana Ntlenyana.

This is the highest peak in Lesotho. It means ” pretty little mountain” and is 3482m above sea level.

Most of the time we camp in tents near clear mountain streams.  However, there are also some opportunities to sleep in caves, which is an amazing experience.

Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike

Mist in the dragon mountains with Drakensberghiker

The route we take as we complete the Drakensberg Grand Traverse follows the Drakensberg Escarpment edge and the watershed border between Lesotho and South Africa. This is also where the views are the best.

Usually, we take a full 15 days to complete this incredible hike.  During the hike, we have two rest days.

One of these is on top of Organ Pipes Pass. Here we can get resupplied with food.

We have another rest day spent at the famous Sani Pass.  After 12 days in the mountains, it is great to sit in the Highest Pub in Africa and have a refreshing beer. After Sani Pass, we have a 2 and a half day stroll down the mountain, to the finish at Bushman’s Nek police post.

You need to be well prepared to complete a hike like this so be sure to familiarize yourself with our Hike Planning Page!

To complete the Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike, you need to have a great sense of adventure and a love of wild and open spaces. Additionally, a good level of fitness definitely makes the hike more fun.

Extreme Drakensberg Hike

Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike Difficulty: Extreme

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