Central Drakensberg Contour Path (16-19 June 2021)

Central Drakensberg Contour Path  (16-19 June 2021)

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Central Drakensberg Contour Path Hike.

Central Drakensberg Contour Path Hike

Hiking along the contour path from Cathedral peak to Champagne castle in the Drakensberg mountains

The Central Drakensberg Contour Path hike is a great 4 day hike starting at Cathedral peak and finishing at Champagne castle. For a change we only get to 2200m and walk below the huge escarpment 1000m above us. We all meet at Didima Ezemvelo wildlife offices at 8am to sign the hiking register and then we are off into the mountains for 4 days.

Doing this hike in June is perfect.

June can get a little chilly in the Drakensberg with temps dipping below zero but because we only get to 2200m above sea level the temps are a lot milder. Great for beginner hikers of people that feel the cold. Check here on how to prepare for you hike with me.

Day 1 is about a 5 hr hike as we walk past Doreen falls to get to our camp below the Camel. This is quite a special camp site where we can look up at Cleft peak over 1000m above us. This day is 6km from 1400m to 2200m.

The next 2 days are walking along the contour path looking up at the Drakensberg escarpment.

Day 2 and 3 are up to 15km each but flattish. You can expect up to 5 hrs of hiking a day. That means time to relax and enjoy the quiet afternoons. We cross over crystal clear mountain streams and little forests as we follow the contour path. A highlight is climbing up Gatberg to sit inside the hole. Our last night is camping below Sterkhorn and Cathkin peak.

The last day is a 6km walk to Monks cowl car park. Here we are picked up and driven back to your cars at Didima. This takes an hour so we should arrive there by 12pm.

Easy to Intermediate Drakensberg Hike Central Drakensberg Contour Path Hike Difficulty:  Intermediate

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