Bannerman Hut Overnight Hike (29-30 Oct 2022)

Bannerman Hut Overnight Hike (29-30 Oct 2022)

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Giants castle 3 day hike

We sleep in Bannerman hut on the first night of the Giants castle circuit hike with Drakensberghiker

Bannerman Hut Overnight Hike at Giant’s Castle

The Bannerman Hut overnight hike at Giant’s Castle is a great hike to do for families or people just wanting to get away into nature. We start the 2-day hike at Giant’s Castle office. After signing the mountain register we head out into the mountains. Down a little slope and we cross the Bushmans river. A good spot to fill up the water bottles as there won’t be any water for a few hours.

As we saunter up the hill towards the huge cliffs above, we can see the Thumb sticking out. A bit further and we can look to our left and see the Giant. After 6km of walking, we arrive at our lunch spot on the contour path. The views from here need to be seen. Here we are at 2200m after starting at 1700m. A bit of a climb.

After lunch, we have 4.5km to go to Bannerman hut.

Giants Castle Circuit Hike

Trekking along the contour path at Giants castle

As we start off we can see Cathkin Peak way ahead with Champagne Castle a little to the left. The going is fairly easy along the contour path as it is quite flattish. Finally after about 5 hours after we started the day we arrive at Bannerman hut in time for a cup of tea. Martial eagle stream is nearby in case you want a dip in the clear water.

Because we are sleeping in a mountain hut we don’t have to carry tents. Yay. We do have to bring our sleeping mats and sleeping bags though. Check here to see how to prepare for your hike with us. Next morning we can do some exploring up Bannerman pass. Spare rib cave is half-way up and a good spot for tea with a view. The way back to our cars takes 3 hours and we finish off with lunch at the Giants castle restaurant. What a great way to spend a weekend doing the Bannerman hut 2-day hike at Giants castle.

Family Friendly Drakensberg Hike

Bannerman Hut 2-Day Hike at Giant’s Castle Difficulty:  Family Friendly Hike

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