Assvoelkrans Drakensberg Cave (3-4 Oct 2020)

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Assvoelkrans Drakensberg cave

Assvoelkrans cave in the Southern Drakensberg is a great overnight hike to do with Drakensberghiker

Assvoelkrans Drakensberg Cave.

The Assvoelkrans Drakensberg cave hike is perfect to get out in the mountains and best of all it has a lovely waterfall flowing over the front. It is lovely and big with quite a few “rooms” and can easily fit 30 people. Don’t worry though because I only take 12 guests.

Assvoelkrans Drakensberg cave

On our hike to Assvoelkrans cave we can see Giants castle looming ahead

We do have to be prepared for a swim especially in the summer.

The 2 day overnight hike to Assvoelkrans Drakensberg cave starts at Highmoor Ezemvelo office. Soon after starting our overnight hike we get to Kamloops dam. A perfect place to stop for a cup of tea.

As we walk we can see the mighty Giant ahead.

Giants castle is rather impressive as we approach our cave for the night. This is only a 4km walk so plenty of time to really enjoy these beautiful mountains.

I suppose you can imagine vultures nesting on the cliffs by the cave.

Don’t worry though because there aren’t any. I kind of wish there were. Usually this hike takes us up to 3 hours so we arrive in time for a big mug of tea while enjoying the stillness and of course the views. Please click here to see what other hikes I offer.

The next morning it is certainly worth it to walk up the hill behind the cave and watch the sun shine on Giants castle in the distance. Someone has to do it. Then after breakfast we saunter back down to our cars at Highmoor. This hike is suitable for anyone that loves mountains as well as families with kids over 12 years old.

Assvoelkrans Drakensberg Cave Hike Difficulty:  Easy

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