3 Highest Peaks in South Africa (14-18 Sept 2022)

3 Highest Peaks in South Africa (14-18 Sept 2022)

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Mafadi the highest peak in South Africa

Sitting on top of Mafadi on a hike with Drakensberghiker on the 3 Highest Peaks in South Africa Hike

3 Highest Peaks In South Africa.

You too can summit the 3 highest peaks in South Africa in just one hike!

As a result, this is a popular hike for most people and is in a beautifully remote part of the Drakensberg. Namely the Champagne Castle. and Injisuthi areas.

For tips on how to prepare for your hike with Drakensberg Hiker, please click here.

We start off on our hiking adventure at Monks Cowl car park and head off for 5 days into the mountains.

On the way, we pass the Spinx and then enjoy our lunch at Blind Mans Corner. This is just below the huge Cathkin Peak. After lunch we walk along the contour path to camp at Keith Bush camp at the base of Grays pass. Here we are completely surrounded by mountains looming over 1000m above us.

The next day is spent walking up Grays Pass.

Once on top we check out the Vultures retreat and camp near a beautiful clear Drakensberg mountain stream. Please check out my video of this hike here.

Champagne castle circuit hike

On top of Champagne castle the 3rd highest peak in South Africa at 3377m with Drakensberghiker

On day 3 we start ticking off peaks on our trek to summit the 3 Highest Peaks in South Africa. First of all is Champagne Castle. It is 3377m above sea level and is the 3rd highest peak in South Africa. From Champagne Castle, we can see all the way North to the Devils Tooth at the Amphitheatre and South past Giant’s Castle.

Mafadi highest peak in South Africa

Camping below the Trojan wall at Injasuthi on our way to Mafadi the highest peak in South Africa

After taking some time to enjoy these great views we wander on to camp near Leslie’s pass on our way to summit Mafadi on day 4.

Mafadi Peak is calling us now, so on we go.

We walk up a ridge and end up being the highest people in South Africa for a while. After taking some stunning photos we stroll over to Injisuthi dome 700m away. This is the 2nd highest peak in SA at 3410m above sea level. From here it is all down hill for lunch near Judges Pass. Then down Judges pass where we camp again near another beautiful Drakensberg mountain stream. This time looking up at the huge cliffs way above.

┬áHere the sun rises are ‘out of this world’ as they shine on the huge cliffs above us.

Finally, we have to leave the mountains and walk to our cars at the Injasuthi Camp. This is done walking along one of the most beautiful valleys in the Drakensberg.

Challenging Drakensberg Hike

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