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  • We have 2 varieties of veggies available:
    1. Aubergine & Cous-Cous:  contains dehydrated aubergines, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peas, mixed herbs, cous cous;
    2. Courgettes & Rice: contains dehydrated carrots, courgettes, butternut, peas and onions, with pasta and rice.
    Delicious hot veggies to add to your hiking meal, just add the protein of your choice, or have as a standalone vegetarian meal.One packet will make a full meal for one hiker, or a side dish of delicious hot hiking veggies for 2.If you add 500g of simple pasta and sauce, one packet will serve 6 a hearty hot meal in the best restaurant in the world, the Drakensberg!
  • Drakensberg Hiker T-Shirt - OrangeBright Orange with Black Branding (Drakensberg Hiker branding and logo).
  • Drakensberg Hiker Sun Hat - OrangeDrakensberg Hiker (bright) orange sun hat with black writing; highly visible!One Size Fits AllHas a Proudly South African Flag.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Thin Fleece Pullover - BlackBlack with Orange Branding, and a proudly South African flag on the sleeve.Simple pull-over design with no zip.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Sun Hat - GreenDrakensberg Hiker green sun hat with orange writing.One Size Fits AllHas a proudly South African Flag.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Buff

    R80.00 excl. VAT
    Drakensberg Hiker buff, black background with Drakensberg Hiker branding and logo.Very useful for sun protection, headbands, extra warmth, a makeshift facecloth, cooling your head under your Drakensberg Hiker Sun Hat and a host of other applications.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Ankle drawstring gaiters, with an embroidered logo, no annoying under-foot strap, just attaches to your shoe.One Size Fits All!
  • Drakensberg Hiker quick fit ankle gaiters, with an embroidered logo, with a velcro strip around the back, making them quick to put on and take off.One Size Fits All!Fits firmly around the leg as well.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Thin Fleece Sweater - OrangeOrange with Black Branding, and sporting a proudly South African flag on the sleeve.Simple pull-over design with a half-zip for comfort.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Quick Dry Hiking Shirt - BlueQuick Dry Hiking Shirts for sale, long sleeve, perfect for hiking and keeping the sun off, with a proudly South African flag!
  • Drakensberg Hiker 300ml Insulated Mug with a 'sippy lid', keeps your coffee wonderfully warm!
  • Drakensberg Hiker water bottle, aluminum, with Drakensberg Hiker Branding and a convenient clip for your belt or hiking bag.
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