Intermediate-Challenging Drakensberg Hike

Intermediate-Challenging Drakensberg Hikes

Our Intermediate-Challenging Drakensberg Hikes will stretch your endurance and mental fortitude.

These hikes last anything from 4 to 6 days.

The gradient on an Intermediate-Challenging Drakensberg Hike is significant, but not as high as for a Challenging Hike, and we walk for relatively long distances, setting a constant, but relatively easy pace.

The require a reasonable degree of physical fitness and hiking experience, but give you the opportunity to build both.

Corner Pass heading to Mafadi Peak, Drakensberg

A bit of ice in the shade up corner pass on our way to Mafadi. Some people are wary of the cooler weather in winter but I actually prefer it. The days are generally clearer and you just need a good sleeping bag and warm clothes.

There are few footpaths, and the terrain is challenging.