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Tarn Drakensberg Cave Hike

The Tarn Drakensberg cave hike is perfect to get out in the mountains and probably have one of the best views from  inside a cave. It is lovely and big with quite a few “rooms” and can easily fit 30 people. Don’t worry though because I only take 10 guests.

Tran Drakensberg Cave

Tarn cave is right on top of a ridge at 2450m so the views down the valley are incredible

We do have to be prepared for water though because there is not a great supply nearby.

The 2 day overnight hike to Tarn Drakensberg cave starts at Bushmans nek Ezemvelo office. For the first 4km we stroll along the Ngwangwane river while looking up the big valley. Up ahead we can see the Devil’s knuckles way above us and to the right Senottolong.

We actually walk along the border of the Kingdom of Lesotho.

At the last river crossing we fill up with water and then start the ascent to Tarn cave. Cedric’s pool is a nice spot to rest and cool down before we head up the hill. As we walk higher we can look back down the valley and see land marks like Garden castle and even the Rhino. In the valley on the other side we can see some old buildings in ruins in Sehlabathebe National park.

As we approach the cave you will see why it is called Tarn cave.

The rock formations around here are amazing and some water collects in the rocks or on the grass. As they don’t have any water source they are called tarns. Usually this hike takes us between 4 and 5 hours so we arrive in time for a big mug of tea while enjoying the stillness and of course the views.

The next morning we have to watch the sun rise and shine orange on the huge cliffs to our left. Someone has to do it. Then after breakfast we saunter back down to our cars at Bushmans nek. This hike is suitable for anyone that loves mountains as well as families with kids over 12 years old.

Easy to Intermediate Drakensberg Hike

Tarn Drakensberg Cave Hike Difficulty:  Easy to Intermediate

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