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Monk's Cowl to Zulu Cave 2 Day Hike

Monk’s Cowl to Zulu Cave 2 Day Hike

Monk’s Cowl to Zulu Cave Hike (2 Days)

Almost certainly the Monk’s cowl to Zulu Cave 2 day hike takes us to one of the loveliest caves in the Drakensberg, Zulu Cave.

The Monk’s Cowl to Zulu Cave 2 Day Hike is an excellent hike for families with children. It is a fantastic opportunity to get your children hooked on hiking and we don’t have to carry tents. Furthermore it is just below Champagne castle so you can expect some lovely views. As it only takes 2 days the hike can easily be done over a weekend.

First we meet at Monk’s Cowl car park to head out on our mountain adventure. We walk past the Spinx, and on up the hill to our lunch spot near Blind Man’s Corner. This is the highest spot we will get to on the Monk’s Cowl to Zulu Cave 2 Day Hike.  The contour path we walk along runs at 2200m. Check here to see how to prepare for your hike with us.

While having lunch we can look way down over the valley.

Behind us is the huge Cathkin Peak, with Sterkhorn just below it. After lunch we take a rather lovely stroll along the contour path to our turnoff down to the cave. As we walk along the path we can see Gatberg ahead. It is quite an amazing hill and has a hole straight through it, hence the name.

We arrive at the cave in time for a cup of tea, and a quick swim under the waterfall over the front of the cave.

Consequently after a great night in a Drakensberg cave we head back to our cars at Monk’s Cowl in time for lunch. The total distance is 13km each day starting at 1500m and climbing to 2200m altitude over the course of the Monk’s Cowl to Zulu Cave 2 Day Hike.

Easy to Intermediate Drakensberg Hike

Monk’s Cowl to Zulu Cave Hike Difficulty:  Easy to Intermediate

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