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Mnweni Circuit Hike, 4 Days

Mnweni Circuit Hike, 4 Days

Mnweni Circuit Hike

The Mnweni circuit hike is certainly my favorite part of the Drakensberg. Usually we stay at the Mnweni cultural center the night before and enjoy a braai while being in the mountains. We leave our cars at the Mnweni cultural center and get a lift to the end of the dirt road. Here we start off along one of the most beautiful valleys in the Drakensberg mountains. In the spring the flowers are absolutely stunning.

We cross the Ntonjelana river a few times so can have a dip in some of the pools and have lunch next to a small forest of Protea trees. About 2 hours after lunch we make camp at the ‘station” below Rockeries Pass. Here we have huge cliffs all around us with Rockeries pass on one side and Nguzu pass on the other. Up above us is the amazing Cape vulture colony. We can even see the huge birds circling above us.

Day 2 is up Rockeries pass in time for lunch at the top. The mighty Orange/Senqu river is nearby waiting for a visit. Then after a 1 hour stroll we camp near a huge Cape vulture colony overlooking the whole Mnweni valley 1000m below. Click here to see when we are doing this hike again.

This is one of my favorite places in the world.

Up close with nature and lovely quiet views. Day 3 is along the escarpment behind the Saddle for lunch at Alice’s restaurant while enjoying the stunning views. We can see all the way from the Devils tooth near the Ampitheater to Cathkin peak near Champagne castle. Along the way we pass a lovely pool where sweaty people can cool off. After lunch we head back down Ntonjelana Pass to camp near another mountain stream.

Finally the last day is short back to our cars waiting at the end of the valley. We have just hiked the Mnweni circuit hike in the Northern Drakensberg. Home to my Zulu porters.

Challenging Drakensberg Hike

 The Mnweni Circuit Hike is a Challenging Drakensberg Hike.

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