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Lower Injisuthi Cave Hike

The lower Injisuthi Drakensberg cave hike is perfect for people just wanting an easy 4 hr hike to a lovely and big cave over a weekend. We start this overnight hike at the office at Injisuthi camp in the Central Drakensberg. Soon after setting out we cross the Injisuthi river. Try not to fall in. Ha ha.

Lower Injisuth Drakensberg Cave

There are a few rivers to cross on our way to Lower Injisuthi cave. Perfect for a swim.

Then it is a stroll up the beautiful valley to our turnoff to the cave.  If you carry on straight you end up at Centenery hut.

Anyway soon after turning right we arrive at Battle cave.

This has to be seen. There are some of the best paintings done by Bushmen ages ago including some battle scenes.

On this 2 day hike we only get to around 1900m above sea level but the views of the impressive cliffs way above us are certainly worth it.

A treat on this hike is a great swimming pool near the cave.

Iconic peaks like the ‘Trojan wall’ and ‘Old woman grinding corn’ all tower above us.

Easy to Intermediate Drakensberg Hike

Lower Injisuthi Drakensberg Cave Hike Difficulty:  Easy to Intermediate

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