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Easy Drakensberg Hike

Guided Drakensberg Pillar Cave Hike (2 Days)

Drakensberg Pillar Cave Hike (2 Days)

Drakensberg Pillar Cave Hike (2 Days)
Family Friendly Hikes!

The Pillar Cave Hike is probably one of the nicest and easiest hikes in the Drakensberg, only 2 days! Our Guided Drakensberg Pillar Cave Hike is a wonderful introduction to hiking in the Drakensberg.

This is an ideal hike for beginners and families, but it is also great for those who want a Drakensberg Hiking experience but don’t have the time for an extended hike.

Pillar Cave is a lovely cave with a flat floor and a pillar providing some protection from the elements.  It is also at the base of Mashai Pass, so whilst sitting and relaxing in Pillar Cave we can enjoy views of the massive Rhino Peak towering way above us at 3056m. Because we are so close, we can go exploring up the river valley where the higher we go the better the views!

We start the hike at Garden Castle and stroll along a clear footpath for 3 km. while crossing the Mashai River a few times. This gives us plenty of opportunities to cool down with a dip in the mountain pools as we walk along.

Because the Guided Drakensberg Pillar Cave Hike is fairly short, we can easily add on a 4×4 drive up the famous Sani Pass. Usually we get back to our cars between 10 and 11am, and Sani Pass is just around the corner. You must have a valid passport to enter the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho though. Of course, we can also just spend the rest of the day exploring the beautiful Mashai valley.

Who is the Guided Drakensberg Pillar Cave Hike is most suitable for?

Families with children over the age of 12, couples, singles, anyone interested who just wants to spend a couple of relaxing days in the Drakensberg, ideal for beginners, weekend getaways;

The Pillar Cave Hike is an Easy, Family Friendly Drakensberg Hike.

What are the most notable things we see on the Pillar Cave Hike?

Pillar Cave, Rhino Peak, Garden Castle, Mashai River.

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