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Easy Drakensberg Hike

Giant's Cup Trail Hike (2 Days)

Giant’s Cup Trail Hike (2 Days)
Family Friendly Drakensberg Hikes!

The Giant’s Cup Trail 2 day Hike

The Giant’s Cup Trail 2 day hike is an easy saunter in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg.

We start at the Sani Pass Backpackers and walk to Pholela hut at Cobham.

Because we’ll be doing the 2-day version of the Giant’s Cup Trail Hike, where we will stay overnight in Pholela Hut, and have an easy walk back to Sani Backpackers the next morning.

The Giant’s Cup Trail 2 day hike takes us through the Southern Drakensberg foothills. As we walk we are always looking up at the huge Drakensberg mountains. Hodgson’s Peak is visible for most of the way. After a while, beautiful Garden Castle comes in to view. Rhino Peak is also visible high above us. There is a path for most of the way, so the walking is fairly easy.

The Giants Cup Trail

Our first night is at Pholela hut on the Giants cup trail with Drakensberghiker

The Giant’s Cup Trail 2 Day Hike is an excellent hike for families or beginners

…or even for people that just want to get into the mountains. The altitude for the Giant’s Cup Trail Hike is mostly between 1400m and 2200m, so we can expect to see some wild life here too. Eland, which is the biggest antelope in Africa, make this area their home. We will also see baboons, jackals, grey rhebok and reed buck.

Because we don’t climb to a high altitude, the weather is not so extreme, which makes the hike very pleasant. We cross lots of crystal clear mountain streams which are great places to stop and have a cup of tea while sitting near the streams we see a lot of beautiful birds, so not only is this a mountain hike but also a nature hike. The Giant’s Cup Trail 2 day hike is quite unique because we stay in mountain huts along the way, which means we don’t have to carry tents and we sleep in a nice bed.

Easy Drakensberg Hike

Giants Cup Trail Hike difficulty:  Easy

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