Planning your Drakensberg Hike

When planning your Drakensberg hike with Drakensberg Hiker, please note that many things are provided by us.

These include all main meals during the hike itself, first aid kit, tents, etc

For all our hikes, we provide a large mess tent. As a result we can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people for a wonderful dinner after a hard day’s hiking in the Drakensberg!

However there are some things you either need to bring or arrange to hire from us.

Remember to read our Blog Post on hike preparation too!

What equipment can you hire from Drakensberghiker?

We have high quality and comfortable sleeping bags and sleeping mats for hire, so if you need to hire any of these items from us, please be sure to tell us when you inquire about our Drakensberg hikes.

What do you need to supply when planning your Drakensberg Hike with us?

The things you need to provide when planning your Drakensberg hike with Drakensberghiker include the following:

  • Snacks for you to consume between main meals whilst hiking. Any chocolates, nuts, trail food or snacks that you prefer;
  • You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, backpack and sleeping mat.  Please ensure that your sleeping bag is appropriate for camping in the Drakensberg.  If you don’t have these, or are concerned about having the appropriate sleeping bag for our climate, please contact us to inquire about hiring them;
  • Any drinks for personal consumption other than water, coffee or tea;
  • Your own hiking boots. If you are in doubt about whether your hiking boots are appropriate for the Drakensberg terrain, please check with us to ensure that they are;
  • Any personal medications you may require, especially those prescribed for chronic conditions. This does not include those typically carried in a first aid kit;
  • Your personal grooming kit and a roll of toilet paper;
  • Sunscreen, please bear in mind that hiking in the Drakensberg is at a higher altitude than ‘normally’ experienced by most people. Temperatures can vary a lot in 1 day. The probability of sunburn is significant so an SP factor of 30+ is generally recommended. 50+ is better if your skin is very fair!

Please download our packing checklist from here.

If you have any inquiries about what we supply, or what equipment you need to bring, please contact us to ensure that your hike with Drakensberg Hiker is a memorable and positive experience for you!

Drakensberg and Lesotho Weather

Planning your hike

It can get a bit cool in the Drakensberg mountains

The weather in the Drakensberg can be unpredictable.

Drakensberg Ampitheater and Tugela Falls Hike

Standing nest to the Tugela falls on top of the Ampitheater

It often fluctuates between extremes of hot and cold.

It is strongly suggested that you ensure you have clothing appropriate for a range of weather conditions with you.  At all times when hiking in the Drakensberg, please do ensure that you have thermal gear with you in case of a surprise cold front in summer or spring.

Check here for weather conditions in the Drakensberg in the weeks prior to your Drakensberg hike.

Click here for weather conditions in Lesotho for the weeks prior to your Lesotho hike.

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