Best Hikes In The Drakensberg with Drakensberg Hiker

We have carefully looked at the endless number of fantastic hikes that we could take you on in the Drakensberg, and narrowed it down to our list of our favorite and Best Hikes In The Drakensberg.

For your convenience we have divided the hikes into the different grades of difficulty (Easy Drakensberg Hikes right through to Extreme Drakensberg Hikes) in our list below, but you can also jump directly to the list of all our Drakensberg Hikes by clicking here.

The hikes below are the best hikes in the Drakensberg that we do, but remember you can always contact us and ask us to arrange any other Drakensberg Hike you would like to do!

Drakensberg Hiking Package Options

We have differentiated between different options for porters for your hike using 'Gold', 'Silver' and 'Bronze' as the options to choose from, so remember to select the correct option on your enquiry or hike form when you contact us.

All three options (Bronze, Gold and Silver) include full catering, and the supply of your tent.

Gold Drakensberg Hiker Porters
 Our Gold Package is a Fully-Portered Hike

 You carry only a day-pack with your drinks and snacks for each day.

Clothes, sleeping bags, tents, etc are carried and put up by our porters.

Silver Summit Cathedral peak
 Our Silver Package is a Partially-Portered Hike

You carry a backpack with your clothes, and sleeping bag.

Tents etc are carried and put up by our porters.

Bronze Drakensberg Mnweni hike
 Our Bronze Package is a Non-Portered Hike

 You carry your own backpack with all your hiking kit and necessities.

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