Extreme Drakensberg Hike

Extreme Drakensberg Hike

What is an Extreme Drakensberg Hike?

Sentinal to Cathedral peak Northern Drakensberg traverse

We get to watch the sun rise behind the Mnweni needles and Cathedral peak on the Drakensberg Northern Traverse

An Extreme Drakensberg Hike with Drakensberg Hiker is typically a hike which lasts over 6 days, sometimes as many as 14 days, and requires a significantly high level of fitness. Extreme Drakensberg Hikes cover a variety of gradients and terrains, over extended distances, over 100km.  The gradients are significant on an Extreme Drakensberg, and include very steep ascents and descents.  We usually remain at about 3400m for most of the hike. We do not follow well-delineated footpaths, and the trail can sometimes be ... challenging. We walk at a comfortable pace, but often we need to go significant distances over quite difficult patches.
Drakensberg Grand Traverse Hike

Mist in the dragon mountains with Drakensberghiker

Because the distances we cover on these hikes are very long, we walk at a fair speed, so a significantly high level of fitness is required. An Extreme Drakensberg Hike will take you on an amazing adventure; it will push you to do more than you could ever imagine you can do. Most of all it will leave you with the memory of a lifetime! The list of Extreme Drakensberg Hike options includes the Popular Extreme Drakensberg Hike routes listed here, and the Scheduled Hikes listed below. Extreme Drakensberg Hike

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