Thabana ntlenyana the highest peak in the Drakensberg

The Drakensberg is not just a World Heritage Site…

It is a wonder of nature waiting to be explored. Not only is it vitally important as a source of fresh water for South Africa but is 1 of only 20 World Heritage sites that boasts two reasons for its classification – Culture and Nature! 

 The area encompasses distinct landscape and biological diversity and is rich in rare species. This includes the Bearded Vulture, Cape Vulture breeding colonies, Klipspringer, Drakensberg Cycad, and over 26 species of frogs. A large percentage of the flora and fauna in the Drakensberg are endemic to this area. 

The Basotho herdsmen and Zulu subsistence farmers still call the Drakensberg their home!

This area has a rich history of human occupation dating back to the Stone Age. The Drakensberg is home to a significant concentration of San Rock Art that can be seen all across the entire mountain range in the hundreds of sandstone caves and rock shelters. It is the largest group of Bushman Paintings south of the Sahara!

By bringing Drakensberghiker Eco tourism to the area we are trying to create an awareness of this unique ecosystem and contribute to local community development through nature-based tourism. 

Eco tourism in the Drakensberg allows us to touch nature

“Take only photographs, leave only footprints, and kill nothing but time” is our motto. We are a locally owned and operated trekking company that finely blends responsible travel with the exploration of natural areas. It is very important to safeguard the integrity of the ecosystem. We provide economic benefits and empowerment to the local communities that reside in the Drakensberg area. We carry all our equipment on our backs

and we don’t use established base camps. When we leave an area there is no trace that we have ever been there! 

Eco Tourism … Tread Lightly on the Earth

We use local Zulu tribesmen as porters to provide direct financial benefits and empowerment to their community. This gives us the opportunity to learn about their local customs, culture & history. We hike into relatively undisturbed areas in order to appreciate and enjoy nature while promoting conservation and socially responsible travel. 

Drakensberg Mnweni hike

Drakensberghiker Eco Tourism?

Drakensberghiker Eco tourism involves responsible travel to natural areas focusing on conserving the environment, sustaining the well-being of the local people, education and interpretation of the local flora, fauna and culture, while minimizing our impact on these fragile & pristine natural areas.

The scenic South African Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Mountain Park World Heritage Site is a rich wildlife sanctuary. There is a diverse range of natural habitats, that host a high level of endangered and rare animals and plants.  There really is no better place to explore a more unique and relatively undisturbed natural area than Ukhahlamba with Drakensberghiker Eco tourism.

Thabana ntlenyana the highest peak in the Drakensberg
Drakensberg Mnweni hike
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