• mama alles dehydrated vegan meals mama alles dehydrated vegan meals
    Add some delicious vegan dehydrated dinners and spreads to your hiking experience. They are all designed to be light in weight - so they won't add much weight to your pack, these spreads and dinners are entirely made by the Mama Alles team who use organic ingredients whenever they can. The spreads come in the following varieties, please add your preferred variety as part of your Order Note (you will find this at the bottom of the Shipping Address Page):
    • Original Hummus
    • Beetroot Hummus
    • Harissa Hummus
    The dinners come in the following varieties, please add your preferred variety as part of your purchase note (you will find this at the bottom of the Shipping Address Page):
    • Moroccan Butternut Tagine
    • Central African Peanut Stew
    • Mushroom Barley Risotto
    • Ethiopian Dhal
    • Jolof Rice
  • Drakensberg North-Cover Drakensberg North-Cover
    While we know our favorite place (The Drakensberg, of course!) like the back of our hands, we also always make sure that we have a trustworthy physical map with us, in case all else fails!  The map we prefer is the Slingsby Map Series of the Drakensberg, and we are proud to offer these lovely maps for sale on our website! So, no matter how well you know the part of the 'Berg you are hiking in, or how many sophisticated location devices you may have, a good map is always a 'must have'!  Slingsby maps have a proud heritage going back to the 1970’s, these are 1:50 000 scale, and broadly cover the area from the Northern Drakensberg, Amphitheatre to the Central Drakensberg, Injisuthi, so they are a perfect option for the keen hiker. This Drakensberg North Slingsby Map is a double‑sided, A1-size map. One side provides coverage of the Drakesnbeberg from Mpokelana via Royal Natal to the Mnweni Area. The other side maps the one of the most popular parts of the Drakensberg, the Maloti-Drakensberg Park (including Cathedral Peak, Didima, Monk's Cowl & Injisuthi) The map is lightweight, printed on ‘Duraflex’, which is waterproof and tear resistant; and comes in a convenient plastic pocket. The Slingsby mapping team have consolidated data collected over many years into this Third Edition of this first-ever recreational map of the Northern KZN Drakensberg. It contains the following:
    • geo-referenced tracks of ALL the approved routes
    • coordinates and heights of path junctions
    • difficulty-ratings for the escarpment passes
    • …and many other useful details
    The Slingsby team say that “We can proudly claim that this is the best and most definitive hiking map of the Northern Drakensberg ever produced".
  • Delicious Hot Veggies for Hikers Delicious Hot Veggies for Hikers
    We have 2 varieties of veggies available:
    1. Aubergine & Cous-Cous:  contains dehydrated aubergines, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peas, mixed herbs, cous cous;
    2. Courgettes & Rice: contains dehydrated carrots, courgettes, butternut, peas and onions, with pasta and rice.
    Delicious hot veggies to add to your hiking meal, just add the protein of your choice, or have as a standalone vegetarian meal. One packet will make a full meal for one hiker, or a side dish of delicious hot hiking veggies for 2. If you add 500g of simple pasta and sauce, one packet will serve 6 a hearty hot meal in the best restaurant in the world, the Drakensberg!
  • Drakensberg Hiker T-Shirt - Orange Bright Orange with Black Branding (Drakensberg Hiker branding and logo).
  • Drakensberg Hiker Beene
    Drakensberg Hiker Beenie - Black. One Size Fits All Black with Drakensberg Hiker bright orange branding.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Sun Hat - Orange Drakensberg Hiker (bright) orange sun hat with black writing; highly visible! One Size Fits All Has a Proudly South African Flag.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Thin Fleece Pullover - Black Black with Orange Branding, and a proudly South African flag on the sleeve. Simple pull-over design with no zip.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Black Thick Fleece Jacket - Black Nice warm, thick fleece jackets, black with Drakensberg Hiker Bright Orange Logo and branding, zip front (jackets made by Highland Brook), with a proudly South African Flag on the sleeve!
  • We offer custom art, landscapes of your favourite scenes. Our landscapes measure from 92x60cm Pricing starts at R2 000.00 per portrait or landscape painting. Because these paintings are done for your own specific requirements, we do not carry stock of them, so please use the simple enquiry button below to ask about a custom landscape painting or unique pet portrait.
  • Drakensberg Hiker Green Sun Hat
    Drakensberg Hiker Sun Hat - Green Drakensberg Hiker green sun hat with orange writing. One Size Fits All Has a proudly South African Flag.
  • Drakensberg Hiker buff, black background with Drakensberg Hiker branding and logo. Very useful for sun protection, headbands, extra warmth, a makeshift facecloth, cooling your head under your Drakensberg Hiker Sun Hat and a host of other applications.
  • Out of stock
    Drakensberg Hiker Ankle drawstring gaiters, with an embroidered logo, no annoying under-foot strap, just attaches to your shoe. One Size Fits All!