Amphitheatre hike report

Amphitheatre Hike Report

So John from Australia had hiked with me before and loved the Drakensberg. Of course he had to come again but with 12 Australians this time. We picked them up in Johannesburg and drove down to stay the night at Sungubala. What a lovely place. Great to relax after a long flight. Anyway next day my good friend Cindy took them for a walk in the Cavern property to check out the Bushman paintings while we drove my porters around to the Sentinel car park. We were going to meet them the next day.

Sungubala Amphitheatre Witsieshoek Hike

But the weather wasn’t playing with winds and plenty of rain. The Aussies decided they would rather hang about at Witsieshoek. Not a bad idea. It’s not fun getting soaking wet and cold high up in the mountains.

Eventually the weather cleared up.

Yay so off we went but as we were a few days behind schedule we had to change our plans. We were not going to make it to Cathedral peak hotel. Here in Africa we are used to making a new plan. The Amphitheatre is certainly a lovely place with sun rises that are out of this world. We wondered all over the place and got some incredible photos. We even met up with some more Aussies that had hired me to resupply them while they were doing the grand traverse. Click here to see our scheduled hikes.

The Tugela falls didn’t let us down.

We checked out the falls from near God’s window and after the rain they were looking good. By now we needed tea so back to camp for a refreshment. The next day was crystal clear but we had to get back to Sungubala so off we went. Some of us went down the ladders and the rest down the Gully. We met up at the bottom and carried on down the road past Witsieshoek to camp above Royal Natal. By now the clouds had formed on the escarpment. Just like in summer. I swear the weather is changing?

Our last day was a stroll to Sungubala via Sugar loaf gap in Cavern property and through a lovely Indigenous forest.

People all enjoyed a hot shower after a couple days hiking.

My other good friend Geoff the chef had a spread to die for laid out and the rest of the afternoon was spent checking out the birds in the gardens at Sungubala. Some chaps even had a nap. I even have another great friend Ian Turnbull that entertained us with some Scottish bag pipes while we waited for supper.

There was just one day left so Cindy took everyone to check out the crazy rock carvings nearby. Do you want to know more about that? Well come and stay at Sungubala.

Finally they were off back to Johannesburg and home. So that is the Drakensberg Amphitheatre, Sungubala and Witsieshoek hike report done.

  • Amphitheatre hike report
  • Amphitheatre hike report
  • Amphitheatre hike report
  • Sungubala Amphitheatre Witsieshoek Hike
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