On this page we show some of our visitors reviews.

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Lindsay Rayburn  Thanks so much for a terrific hike. Everyone was seriously impressed with the way you do things and the ease at which it all happens. The scenery was spectacular, the company  brilliant, the enthusiasm deeply appreciated, the food super, the accommodation 5-star and, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t fault a thing! Superb! Thanks for being so flexible when the evil bug started biting me. Jeffrey is a rare and lovely man and the other porters were great too.

Megan Harris  I recently completed a six day hike in the Drakensberg Mountains. National Geographic recently dubbed this hike as one of the top 10 in the world. The tour company who arranged the hike was Drakensberg Hiker. Ian Shooter is the owner and guide. He has been hiking in the Drakensberg since he was 10 years old. He knows the people, culture, mountains better than anything else — it’s in his DNA. The hike was very professional and organized. There were five other hikers from the US and Europe. Ian and another female guide helped us through, cooked our delicious meals, and provided commentary. We also had four porters to carry our tents and other goods. I highly recommend including Drakensberg Hiker. It was the perfect balance of established hiking company but also boutique and reasonably priced.

Andrea Potgieter   Best adventure of my life!!! Through mist, wind, rain and snow….All in one weekend-super worth it. We felt safe and super chuffed thanks to the wonderful team with Ian. xxx can’t wait to go back.

Nathan Robert Holderhead  Great choice if you are planning an adventure in the South African Drakensberg mountains. The price is also very reasonable and the team very experienced.

And some more visitors reviews

Emma Methven Woolston A fantastic 4 day hike with Ian and his guys. Loved every minute.

Lisa Jane Lindhorst I signed up to do the 6 day mini traverse, along with 3 of my friends in late July. Although the unexpected snowfall altered our route entirely this trip was much more than I ever imagined. It was worth so much more than the price we paid. Ian and Kim are a dynamite team. I loved how Ian came across so nonchalant and goofy, yet you can see he really plans the heck out of these trips and is prepared for anything that may happen. I also love that he didn’t let the bad weather ruin the whole trip. He made a plan and revised the plan as we went always with a smile. Our group was particularly wild and fun and entertaining , so I can’t promise everyone can recreate that, but no matter the group this trip is a life changer. I cannot say enough good about Ian and Kim, the Drakensberg and the whole experience. DO IT. I am definitely doing this again. Next time the grand traverse for 14 days.