Mnweni Circuit Hike (21-24 Sept 2019)

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Mnweni Circuit Hike

Guided Drakensberg Hikes

Guests posing in front of the Rockeries at Mnweni

The Mnweni Circuit Hike takes place in my favorite part of the Drakensberg and best of all it is on a long weekend.

On this 4 day hike we start at the Mnweni Cultural Center and head out to sleep at the base of Rockeries pass. Walking up the valley in Mnweni in the spring is just amazing.

All of the winter birds are starting to arrive back home and it is getting lovely and green everywhere. Good for the soul.  Today is about 11km of walking while, which we will take about 5 hours to complete.

Remember to ensure that you plan properly for your hike, as the weather in the Drakensberg is always unpredictable, so click here to see how to prepare for your hike.

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Drakensberg Hikers at Mnweni

The next day we hike up Rockeries Pass to have lunch next to the Orange/Senqu river on it’s way to the Atlantic ocean over 2000km away. This takes up to 3 hours to do starting at 2200m and ending up at 3050m over 4km.  Then we pop over to see a huge Cape Vulture colony which overlooking the stunning Mnweni area over 1000m below. I love this camp site and the timing is also great. The vultures have their chicks on the nests so we have amazing views of them flying around on their 2m wings.

Day 3 is a leisurely saunter back down the valley for to a grassy patch near the river.

Heading down Ntonjelana pass we first have to walk past the mighty Saddle. On the way we pass a lovely pool ready to be swum in. On Ntonjelana pass  we often see locals using the pass with their donkeys so the pass is not too difficult. The whole day takes up to 6 hrs descending from just over 3000m down to 1500m. We must finish off with a cup of tea and a swim by the river with the last views of the huge Saddle up above.

Day 4 arrives quickly as we wake up with the sun catching the huge cliffs above. This is a short day walking about 2 hrs down the beautiful valley to meet up with our cars on the road to Mnweni. This whole area is full of Zulu culture and my porters love to show people their homes and culture.

Intermediate Drakensberg Hike

Mnweni Circuit Hike difficulty:  Intermediate

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