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Hike Overview


(9 DAYS)

Difficulty: hike-difficulty-4
The Sentinal to Champagne castle hike crosses the very heart of the Northern to the Central Drakensberg, linking the Ampitheater with the Champagne Castle Valley. We start the hike at the Sentinal car park and walk to the top of the Ampitheater using the famous chain ladders. Here we camp near the 2nd highest waterfall in the world. The Tugela falls plummet over the 1000m Ampitheater cliff so you can imagine the views. Click here to see how to prepare for your hike. For the next 6 days we follow the escarpment edge to get stunning views. The foothills way down in South Africa on our left and the mountain kingdom of Lesotho on our right. On day 3 we arrive at an amazing place. Here we camp near a huge Cape vulture colony and have views over the beautiful Mnweni valley. This is where my porters live and they love to show it to visitors. On day 4 we walk past Cathedral peak and on to the Didima ridge. On the way we walk up one of the most stunning valleys. The Yodeling cascades is a remote valley in Lesotho where the river falls over rocks.

The Sentinal to Champagne castle hike is a great option for people wanting a longer hike than just 6 days but don't want to do the Grand traverse hike for 15 days.

Once on the Didima ridge we have an easy walk to the top of Grays pass. We usually arrive here at lunch time so have time to summit Champagne castle in the afternoon. This peak is the 3rd highest in South Africa at 3377m so worthwhile to do. Day 8 is spent walking back down Grays pass to join the contour path. On the last night we camp near Blind mans corner where we can look up to the mighty Cathkin peak. We have been seeing Cathkin from a long way away so it is good to finally be close. The last day is nice and short arriving at Monks cowl for a shower and our cars.