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Hike Overview


(4 OR 8 DAYS)

Difficulty: hike-difficulty-2

The Naukluft trail Namibia

This incredible 8 day Naukluft trail Namibia hike is done in the Naukluft National Park mountains of central Namibia, it is one of our Scheduled Hikes. Naukluft means narrow ravine in German and is a well known hikers destination. We can only do the hike from March to Oct as it is too hot in the middle of summer. My favorite time is first half of June. We are hiking the 8 day trail from 5-12 June 2018 and a visit to the Sossusvlei dunes after the hike. Most days we spend around 6-7 hrs walking and often follow Zebra paths. Hopefully we see some of them as well as Gemsbok, Springbok and Kudu. 7 Black rhino were introduced in 2007, last time we were very lucky to see one  of them. On this Naukluft Hike we spotted a bunch of Spotted hyena. Before the hike we camp at the Naukluft camp site, as the hike is a circular route.  On the actual hike our nights we sleep in stone huts. YAY, no tents! Water is available at the overnight huts but we need to carry at least 3 liters each during the day.

Most people fly to Windhoek

This saves people 2 full days of driving so we pick them up there. It is a 4 hour drive to the start of the hike. The other option is to drive with us from Pietermaritzburg or Johannesburg.

Sossusvlei dunes

As it is just 8 days long we drive on to Sesriem after the hike. If we have come all this way we should at least spend some time seeing the amazing dunes of the Sossusvlei. We camp here so we can get into the park before sunup. Here we get to walk up some of the biggest dunes in the world and watch the sun rise. Unbelievable. We spend the day here checking out the Sesriem canyon and a walk to Dead Vlei. After all this fun we camp again at Sesriem camp site and the last day is a 3 hour drive back to Windhoek airport.