Malachite Sunbird Drakensberg

Malachite Sunbirds

Malachite sunbirds or Nectarinia famosa in Latin are certainly stunning birds. You can tell from their Latin name that they love nectar. However they also eat insects, spiders and small lizards. So really anything small enough.

They are quite common especially at higher altitudes and slightly nomadic especially where there are flowers. Check here to read how we try to be eco friendly.

In the Drakensberg they are altitudinal migrants.

And are found all the way down to the Western Cape. As the name suggests , they are a bright green color and so are easy to recognize. During the non breading period the males are a similar brown color to the females with a little green underneath. The long beak is obvious and what’s amazing is they only weigh 15 – 20g.

There nest is usually in a low bush over water and is parasitised by Klaas’s cuckoo.

Come and join us on a hike and you too can see these beautiful Malachite sunbirds.

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